Join the Movement – Build Collective, Sustainable Support

Are you ready to step up and make a difference in the lives of survivors in your community? Join Rebuilding Hope in the fight to end sexual assault by becoming a member of the Teal Team!

The Teal Team is a monthly giving club that ensures that Rebuilding Hope can offer victims and survivors consistent services and support, and enables us to plan for future growth. By becoming a member, you pledge to make regular contributions – no matter how big or small – that will become part of the collective support that sustains the critical services we provide.

Why Teal? In 2000, the Resource Sharing Project and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center polled state, territory and tribal sexual violence coalitions to determine the best color and month to represent sexual assault awareness and prevention. The teal ribbon and month of April were selected, and have been recognized by the anti-sexual assault community ever since.

Joining the Teal Team is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Visit our donation portal and select your monthly donation amount – remember, every contribution, no matter the size, adds up to meaningful impact!

Step 2: After “Recurring” select “Monthly,” then complete the rest of the required information on the donation page and click “Donate Now”.

Step 3: Share the excitement! Spread the word among your friends, family, and colleagues to create a powerful ripple effect of generosity and compassion!

You may also join the Teal Team by contacting our Development Manager at or (253) 597-6424 ext. 23.

Still not sure? Here are five more reasons to join the Teal Team today…

Support Comprehensive Care: Rebuilding Hope offers a comprehensive range of services, including sliding-scale therapy; 24/7 advocacy including crisis intervention and general, medical and legal advocacy; and sexual assault prevention educational classes and trainings. With your ongoing monthly support, we can continue to provide these critical services consistently without fear of disruption.

Uplift your Community: Sexual assault is not just an individual’s burden; it affects the entire community. By joining the Teal Team, you become a vital part of a collective effort to raise awareness, educate the public, and create a safer environment for all.

Create Sustainability: Monthly giving provides Rebuilding Hope with a stable and predictable source of funding, allowing us to plan and expand our services strategically.

Build Strength in Numbers: By uniting with the Teal Team, you amplify your impact. Together, you send a powerful message that sexual assault has no place in our community, and that you are committed to supporting survivors on their journey to healing and justice.

Be a Changemaker, Effortlessly: Embrace the ease of automated monthly donations; it’s a simple, hassle-free way to create significant, lasting change!

Thank you for your unwavering compassion and commitment to making a positive change in the lives of sexual assault survivors. Let’s build a world where hope conquers darkness. Together, we are unstoppable!