June 2021 Sisters Rising

Rebuilding Hope and our esteemed guests of Sisters Rising were overwhelmed with the attendance, participation and showing of support that we received during the April 20th virtual event. We not only reached, but exceeded our fundraising goal for the event and were able to redirect $3,200 back to Innovations HTC to support their continued efforts to provide survivor services, community training and social advocacy state- and nationwide! With nearly 100 attendees and a robust Q&A panel, the program went almost a half hour past its allotted time while still leaving questions unanswered, showing us that the film and panelists launched our community into a long overdue dialogue that Rebuilding Hope is committed to continuing.

We had so much engagement last time that I just can’t say ‘thank you’ enough, and round two — let’s do this!

Jeri Moomaw, Innovations HTC

Since we did not have the time to attend to all questions that were submitted through the event portal – as promised – we hosted a Q&A Panel Round 2 that we recorded and are now sharing here for you to view. As announced near the end of this recording, there are some remaining topics of discussion that Rebuilding Hope intends to carry forward with a Round 3 Panel – we hope to be able to schedule this Panel as a live Zoom event that you can be invited to join and participate in! Follow Rebuilding Hope on Facebook, Instagram and through our email listserv to find out more information about our followup discussion.

We cannot thank our partners and panelists enough for giving of themselves, their time and their capacity to bring these critical conversations forward for us all to engage in and learn from. Please read our earlier blog entry below for more information about each of the panelists – Laura Bluehorse-SwiftCarolyn DeFordJeri Moomaw and Carlyn Sampson.

We wish to thank our partners in sponsorship for making this event possible!

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