The goal of Rebuilding Hope’s Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Program (STEP) is to actively connect Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) victims and survivors with supportive systems in the community that can assist them by increasing safety and promoting self-sufficiency.

Clients who identify as having experienced CSE, either currently or in the past, are referred to our STEP advocacy team. Advocates provide case management and trauma-informed support, along with resources and referrals for medical, legal, therapeutic, and social services across Pierce County.

All individuals accessing services through STEP receive unwavering, non-judgmental support and belief. Clients can self-refer for services when they feel ready or be referred by a loved one or community professional. Additionally, clients may decline services at any point. We respect everyone’s right to self-determination in their path to healing.

If you have questions about Commercial Sexual Exploitation, would like to make a referral, or want to connect with a STEP Advocate, call our 24/7 Helpline at 1-855-757-7273 or email