Safe, stable and permanent housing is a basic necessity.

Rebuilding Hope is currently able to provide short-term rental assistance to survivors of human trafficking in Washington State. Whether you are homeless, facing eviction or experiencing financial difficulties, our rental assistance program supports survivors to find and/or maintain safe, stable, and permanent housing in the form of short-term financial support for move-in costs, deposits, and rent.

We are here to support and empower survivors on their journey to self-sufficiency.


To apply to our rental assistance program you must:

  • Have lived experience of sex and/or labor trafficking or;
  • Be a caregiver of a survivor.
  • Currently reside in Washington State, USA.*
  • Be renting from a property management company or other commercial landlord. We are
    unable to provide rental assistance for private landlords.

*You do not need to be an existing Rebuilding Hope client, however, please be aware we do provide STEP (Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Program) case management to survivors residing in Pierce County if you would like additional support.


“How long is a piece of string?”
Rebuilding Hope reviews applications on a first come, first served basis. From submitting the
initial application form, to receiving rental assistance (if your application is successful) could
take up to several weeks.

We have outlined the basic steps involved below:

  1. Applicant completes the application form.
  2. Form is reviewed by staff.
  3. Staff schedule an intake phone call with applicant.
  4. If appropriate, staff then reach out to the landlord for information.
  5. Landlord information is reviewed by staff.
  6. Staff inform the applicant whether rental assistance can be provided or not.
  7. Staff provide financial assistance directly to the landlord on applicant’s behalf.

We process applications as quickly as possible, however, please be aware that the entire
process could take a few days, up to several weeks depending on the circumstances.


I rent from a private landlord, is there another option for me?
Unfortunately we can not provide rental assistance to those who rent from a private landlord due
to the increased fraud and security risks.

***If you are a Rebuilding Hope client and have actively engaged in our case management services for a minimum of 30 days (or another similar program with a partner agency), we may be able to provide an exemption to this rule and assist you – if we are able to vouch for yourself and your landlord.

How much money can I apply for?
We do not currently have a cap on the amount of financial assistance you can request.
Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.

How do I contact you?
Filling out the application form is the best way to contact our team if you would like to apply for
any type of rental assistance. We will not accept email applications and will direct you to fill in
our form (linked above) if you would like to apply for rental assistance.

If, however, you have questions that are not answered above please reach out via email to We will get back to you as soon as we are able to, usually
within 2 business days.