One possible option you have after a sexual assault is to seek medical care. (This doesn’t mean you have to file a report to law enforcement.) While it is entirely your decision to seek medical attention, there is a 120 hour timeframe that a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner has to collect any potential forensic evidence. Additional medications are available if one decides to seek medical attention for a sexual assault including emergency contraception and sexually transmitted disease prevention medications. An advocate is available to meet, support and accompany a victim/survivor through this process. The entire forensic exam process is up to the victim/survivor, meaning they have full control over what parts of the exam are completed, and which parts are not. For more information about medical advocacy please contact our confidential Helpline at 1-855-757-7273.

Advocates can:

  • Explain the process of a forensic exam
  • Support through a forensic exam
  • Provide options to a victim/survivor about next steps
  • Connect victim/survivor to appropriate resources

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner can:

  • Complete a forensic exam which can include:
    • Collection of forensic evidence
    • Medication for sexually transmitted disease prevention
    • Emergency contraception (within 72 hours of an assault)
    • Recommend further medication/treatment to a doctor