Strategic Planning Survey

Now through May 31, we’re collecting input from as many community members as possible as part of a robust strategic planning process.

As Pierce County continues to grow around us, unfortunately, so does the demand for the services that we provide victims and survivors. Right now, we see a critical need to plan for the future so that we can ensure that we’re able to continue to meet the needs of our region.

The 2018 FBI crime report revealed that instances of rape in Pierce County were reported at 33% higher rates than the rest of Washington State. The Department of Justice estimates that only about 25% of survivors reported sexual assault crimes to law enforcement that year, so we know these Pierce County figures are just the tip of the iceberg. For Rebuilding Hope, demand for 24/7 general, medical and legal victim advocacy and crisis support services has increased by over 20% since 2021. We’re also struggling to keep up with the demand for trauma treatment, with a three to four month waitlist for teens and adults seeking sexual assault- and abuse-specific therapy.

Our hope is that with the right plan in place, and with the support of our incredible community, we’ll be able to serve every victim-survivor who calls or walks through our doors immediately. Once someone is ready for support, they shouldn’t have to wait, regardless of whether their assault happened 20 years ago or last night.

We’re currently working with JLP Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm based out of Wenatchee that specializes in working with nonprofits, on envisioning our future in Pierce County. Together, we’re working to collect input from as many individuals as possible through the end of this month, with a goal of ensuring inclusive and equitable access to the services we provide.

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